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Limitations Periods in Insurance Policies

Here are a few universal truths. If politicians can raise taxes, they will.  If lawyers can bill, they will. And if judges can find a way to help clear their docket, they will.  That last truth can create a serious problem for the unwary dealing with insurance claims. Many business property policies and homeowners’ policies … Continue Reading

Directors & Officers Insurance, the FDIC, and the “Insured v. Insured” exclusion

I heard free-market economist Lawrence Reed speak today at a Foundation for Free Enterprise luncheon.  Mr. Reed made the point that for free markets to function properly, citizens must assign top priority to raising the caliber of their character, and learning from those who display the highest ethics. His point was that society descends into … Continue Reading

The Explosive “Your Work” Exclusion

A lot has been written lately – both by judges and observers – about the so-called “business risk” exclusions and their applicability to construction defect claims.  (We’ve previously discussed them here, for example.)  Some judges have ruled that faulty workmanship can never constitute a covered “occurrence” under a general liability policy.  Lately, though, more and … Continue Reading