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Beware the differences between indemnity agreements and insurance policies

I used to know a guy who worked for a major, nationally known public adjustment company.  In years where there were no major hurricanes or tornado incidents, he would literally walk around looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He never overtly wished death or destruction on anyone (as far … Continue Reading

How to prove a business interruption loss

I once heard a veteran of the complex commercial litigation wars describe the process as follows. “Each side hires an expert,” he said, “and the preponderance of perjury prevails.” A cynical – if funny and unfortunately too-often-accurate – view.  Recognizing that expert witnesses are, in essence, paid advocates, the Supreme Court formulated the Daubert and … Continue Reading

Insurance coverage for SEC investigations

The SEC has been getting more and more aggressive with investigations into alleged securities fraud, as well as with filing civil securities fraud actions.  In fact, we just got an SEC securities fraud action dismissed against one of our clients a couple of weeks ago…but it was an expensive fight.  Over at Property Casualty 360, they’ve … Continue Reading

Other insurance clauses and the duty to defend

New York’s highest court just handed down an interesting decision in Fieldston Property Owners Ass’n v. Hermitage Ins. Co.  The case involved an underlying suit for “injurious falsehood,” and the question of who was obligated to provide a defense – the CGL carrier, the D&O carrier, or both?  The CGL policy stated that its coverage was primary … Continue Reading