There’s a funny (perhaps unintentionally so) website called The Robing Room, on which lawyers rate judges in various categories.  The site is funny mostly because, from reading the reviews, you can generally predict who won and who lost a case before that particular judge.  Take, for example, Judge Joseph F. Bianco of the Eastern District

I greatly respect judges.  And, I feel sympathy for judges. They have a very difficult job. We hand them enormous caseloads for relatively low pay (most of them could make a lot more money in private practice) and then expect them to become conversant in every legal subject imaginable, from water rights to alimony.  By

Recently, in a major environmental insurance coverage claim, I had a carrier refuse to provide coverage based on something that it described as the “intentional acts” defense.    Since all “acts”  are intentional, an  “intentional acts” defense would mean that liability insurance coverage does not exist – for anything.  Intentional harm, of course, is generally