Claims-made policies were supposed to simplify things.  In an article a few years back, insurance expert Fred Fisher noted that the idea behind such policies was to provide greater actuarial certainty for insurance companies, by ensuring that there would be no more claim activity following the end of a policy period (eliminating the “incurred

I greatly respect judges.  And, I feel sympathy for judges. They have a very difficult job. We hand them enormous caseloads for relatively low pay (most of them could make a lot more money in private practice) and then expect them to become conversant in every legal subject imaginable, from water rights to alimony.  By

Lots of times, businesspeople who buy insurance make (reasonable) assumptions.  For example:  “If I have employment practices liability insurance, I must be covered for claims arising out of employment practices…right?” 

Mmmmm…not so fast.  Most EPLI policies contain a hidden gap that’s wide enough to drive an eighteen-wheeler through. 

EPLI coverage came on the market a