There’s an old story about famous Greek orators. When Demosthenes would speak, the people would say, “My, what a pretty speech!”  But when Cato would speak, the people would say, “On to Carthage.”  That’s because Cato was a one-issue guy (“Carthage must be destroyed”), and was excellent at convincing his listeners of the need for

Every now and then, a business owner asks me to review his company’s coverage program to make sure that adequate protection exists.  I always say the same thing. “You’re looking at this all wrong.  Buying insurance isn’t about buying protection.  Buying insurance is about buying a right to sue an insurance company.  Once you accept

So here’s a frustrating aspect of coverage work.  The underlying plaintiff sues the policyholder based on a complaint that was inartfully drafted (which, in some instances, is a nice way of saying that the complaint looks like it was written while the lawyer was tripping on mescaline).  The carrier denies coverage because nothing in the