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The Illegal Acts Exclusion and “Entrustment” of Property

There’s an excellent, but sad and haunting, nonfiction book written by Jeff Hobbs called  “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace.”  It’s about a kid who grew up among poverty, gangs and tough guys in a rough section of Newark, but who was naturally gifted and ended up at Yale. Unfortunately, he couldn’t outrun … Continue Reading

“Ordinance or Law” Coverage for Costs of Repair

I was saddened to learn that Judge Ruggero Aldisert, formerly of the Third Circuit, recently passed away.  I never had the privilege of appearing before Judge Aldisert, and I never met the man, but I feel indebted to him for writing two excellent books that were published through NITA:  “Logic for Lawyers” and “Winning on … Continue Reading

Are Punitive Damages Insurable?

The answer is maybe, under some circumstances.  Unfortunately for the major accounting firm BDO Seidman, however, such circumstances didn’t exist in a recent New York coverage decision.  You can read the full opinion by clicking here. BDO’s coverage dispute stemmed from a $92 million Florida jury verdict against BDO (ouch), which included $55 million in … Continue Reading

Spider-Man and Event Cancellation Insurance

This weekend, my family is taking me to see “Spider-Man:  Turn off the Dark” to celebrate the 12th anniversary of my 39th birthday.  (The show is still in interminable previews.)  Given how things have gone so far for Spidey, I’m hoping that one of the actors doesn’t land on my head.  Anyway, over at Property Casualty … Continue Reading